Acme Digital Colour for Flexo Presses

Acme MultiGamut® converts your flexo press into A DIGITAL COLOUR PRESS running at up to 400m/min.

A press you most likely already own, can be converted into DIGITAL COLOUR PRESS, running exponentially faster than other digital presses on the market and at much lower cost.

MultiGamut® is “Any Colour Gamut” printed to “No Industry Standard”. This is very different to “Extended Colour Gamut” as being touted in the flexo and packaging industry.

Acme Digital Colour is a completely different take on “eliminating spot colours”. It draws upon our extensive experience in the colour management of digital presses and patents we have in place to make it work.

What are some of the benefits?

  • Use the same system for Digital Presses, Flexo, Offset, Gravure
  • One colour system for your entire business
  • No print standards required
  • Works with as few as 4 print stations
  • No or minimal investment into aniloxes required
  • No washups are required when switching from surface to reverse print
  • Works on any substrate
  • Brand owners approve jobs online as digital art
  • When brand owners request a contract proof for colour, they are provided with our patented Light/Middle/Dark standard contract proof
  • Press operator prints within Light/Middle/Dark standard

What does a printer need to do, to print with Acme Digital Colour?

  • Achieve reasonable print registration
  • Continue to use the same substrates, inks and printing plates as used in the press fingerprinting process
  • If a new substrate is to be used, it must be fingerprinted
  • Avoid dirty or worn aniloxes, doctor blades and ink contamination
  • Check ink primary batches for consistency in the ink room
  • Never adjust inks on-press
  • Never change aniloxes
  • Check substrates for consistency upon issuance
  • Replacement aniloxes manufactured to same specification
  • Apply best practices when setting plate to anilox and plate to substrate impression
  • Follow exactly our process flow with regards to decision making in determining which jobs are suited for printing with “Acme Digital Colour”
  1. *Printing to an ECG standard is impossible on all substrates with a single ink set, without adjusting ink concentration and hue. MultiGamut® does not require printing to a “standard”.
  2. *Contract proofs simulate colour accurately for each substrate, thus swatch guides are not used.
  3. *Average variation from theoretical closest match for each ink/substrate combination.

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